Information for Parents

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In our school we want children to feel safe and happy so that they are able to learn. We want to work closely with and value the role of parents and carers.

Parents' Evenings

In the autumn and spring term we have parent consultation evenings so parents and carers can discuss their child's learning. In addition there are termly updates on your child's attainment and next steps and a full written report at the end of the academic year. We also have 'celebration of learning' afternoons when all parents are welcome to join us for termly homework sharing.


Our workshops are held to provide families with information and so that families understand how to help their child at home. Please click on the workshop to see the presentation and download resources.



EYFS Target Tracker Link Presentation

Reception Information Meeting September 2022

KS1 SATs Presentation

Year 1 Phonics screening check

Internet Safety

At school we discuss with the children ways to stay safe when using the internet. We encourage them to tell us or their families about anything they see on the internet that worries. The following resources may be of help in supporting parents.

Ceop's - Thinkuknow

UK Safer Internet Centre

Learning Muscles

At St Mary's we aim to support our children in becoming keen learners not just academically but socially as well. Our learning muscles are based upon Carol Dweck's principles of 'Growth Mindset'.

If you would like to find out more about Carol Dweck's principles then please visit her website:



As a school we have selected six 'learning muscles'. We have called the characters 'Learning Muscles' as we believe that in the same way that exercise and stimulation can grow and develop the muscles in your body, the same is true of your ultimate muscle - your brain!

Our Muscles are:

  • Indy the Tiger - Independence
  • Hector the Hound - Curiosity
  • Oggy the Owl - Concentration
  • Percy the Tortoise - Perseverance
  • Betty the Builder - Problem solving
  • Buzzle the Bee - Creativity