safeguarding 1

At St Mary’s we recognise that all staff and governors have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm and that your child’s welfare is our paramount concern.

See Safeguarding Policy, E-safety and Anti-Bullying Policies for more details.

Children can find help when they need it by calling Childline on 0800 1111 or looking at their website.

Keeping your children safe also includes:

  • Following up on non-attendance at school;
  • Maintaining a robust system of risk assessment and risk management;
  • Complying with Health and Safety requirements and engaging in an annual external audit;
  • Maintaining vigilance around site security;
  • Having a Critical Incident Policy and plans to deal effectively if situations arise;
  • Ensuring staff have relevant First Aid training and that a First Aid and Managing Medicines policy is in place;
  • Teaching your children about personal safety and how to deal with concerns and situations.

Persons responsible for safeguarding at St Mary's:

Mrs Emma Dunstan- Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms. Deborah Seccull - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr. Rich Watts - Safeguarding Governor