When thinking about what is meant by spirituality, we found the following quote helpful for adults.

‘Spiritual" is not synonymous with "religious". Spirituality is a source of creativity open to us all. It brings that quality of aliveness which sparks inquiry, ideas, observations, insights, empathy, artistic expression, earnest endeavour and playfulness. It opens us to life and to each other. Spirituality is a thread running through our life, bringing hope, compassion, thankfulness, courage, peace and a sense of purpose and meaning to the everyday, while reaching beyond the immediate world of the visible and tangible. It drives us to seek and stay true to values not ruled by material sources.’

"Values and Visions.” A Handbook for spiritual development and global awareness. CAFOD. Christian Aid. DEP

At St Mary’s we offer endless opportunities for all children and members of the school community to explore spirituality. These include appreciating the beauty of nature during our Forest School sessions, taking part in charitable work, singing at the Seniors’ Lunch at our Church, visiting places of worship, taking a moment to be still and reflect, saying sorry and asking for forgiveness, playing together and investigating the wonders of the world through science.