Collective Worship

SIAMS Inspection March 2020 - The impact of Collective Worship is 'Excellent'

"Collective worship has been made highly relevant to these very young children. Set within a variety of Christian themes, the practical outworking of what it means to love is central to worship."
"Collective worship is inspirational and centred on love. At the end of worship pupils are invited to lead prayer. This they do with confidence and reverence, showing how the worship time has touched their hearts. Prayer is important within school and pupils show an impressive understanding of its purpose and power."

Collective Worship at St Mary's

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Each morning we begin our day with an act of collective worship. This is an opportunity for the school community to gather together for a time of reflection, peace and prayer.  It is also a time when we think about our school's vision and promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children. Our collective worship follows a series of half-termly themes throughout the year.


'Giving as God gives' (Psalm 65.13-19)


'God of the unexpected' (Luke 2.8-20)


'Trusting God's promises' (Luke 2.21-40)


'When darkness turned to light' (Ephesians 1.7)


'Knowing God's presence' (Acts 2)


'God's never ending love' (Psalm 8.9)


During our Friday assembly our 'Love Certificate' is awarded to those who have notably lived our vision. This certificate can be awarded by anyone and to anyone in our school community.  Often children will nominate each other as well as their teachers.

Our Worship Committee meet regularly to discuss and plan assembly themes and to write prayers. They award their own certificates to those who have demonstrated the collective worship value in action.

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A prayer written by Jessica (age 5) a member of the Worship Committee.

Dear God

Thank you for helping everybody to show compassion.
And helping all of us to learn forgiveness.