Our library was completely transformed this week by ‘BeSpace’ into a quiet and inclusive space perfect for thought, prayer and reflection.  

BeSpace is an organisation that creates prayer and reflection spaces to help pupils engage with spirituality and prayer in a creative, experimental and safe way.

Our children engaged in four different activities each of which was supported by an adult.  These activities provided the children with the opportunity to think about the wonders of the world, share their worries, wipe away anything for which they felt sorry and to be thankful. At the end of each sessions there was a chance for the children to reflect on the activities and share their thoughts. Here are a selection of their comments: 

  • I felt happy, calm and relaxed  
    • I was thoughtful when I watched the bubble machine  
      • At the end I felt better and peaceful

Our thanks go to Mrs Brannan for arranging this event and to BeSpace and St. Mary’s Church for providing volunteers to support the children.