Year 1 visit a Black Hole!

As part of their learning today, Year 1 zoomed off into a black hole!  Opportunites to travel across galaxies are rare but here at St Mary's we decided to blow the school budget, complete a risk assessment to end all risk assessments and fund a trip into outer space (well, not quite, but we did organise a visit to a mobile planetarium!).

The children learnt about the sun, solar systems and the different phases of the moon.  Mythological figures were used to illustrate tales from Ancient Greece and finally a full northern starfield was projected as an introduction to navigating the night sky.

Here's what the children said:

Isabelle: "We saw lots of stars, including the Big Dipper."

Alfie:  "We learnt about Mars and it's very hot.  You'd burn your feet if you took your socks and shoes off there."

Riley:  "I loved learning about how astronauts fly."