Reception Visit to Farmer Gow's

The Reception class had a wonderful day out when they visited Farmer Gow's Farm Park.  They held the chicks, fed mik to the lambs and dried food to the older sheep as well as meeting some pigs and geese.  They collected eggs from the hens before having a treasure hunt on the hay bale climb!

Year 1 Visit to Lea Woods in Filkins

Year I were very excited to be going out on their very first trip to Lea Woods. They learned all about the woodlands and animals that lived there and handled real roe deer and fox skulls and had furry animals to represent those living in the woods. They also investigated oval shaped owl pellets which had been regurgitated by the owls, so the children could find out what the owls had eaten.

Miss Atkinson's Forest School Training

Last week, I spent another 2 days at Hill End for my Forest School Leader training. We built natural shelters, learnt how to light a fire safely and used a kelly kettle to boil water for a cup of tea! As I am nearing the end of my training, I am beginning to plan what my Forest School would look like and need to start gathering my resources. If you have any spare or old tarpaulins that you no longer need or ropes of various lengths and diameters which you are willing to donate I would really appreciate it. If you have any other resources that you think would be helpful or want to get more involved please let me know. Many thanks for your help with this and for your continued support. 

Welcome Back Year 1s!

We were delighted to see all our Year 1 children back in school again today and they were equally delighted to be with each other and catch up!

Reception Raring to Go!

The Reception children were ready and raring to go when they all came back together on Monday morning! It was a wonderful day with lots of happy, smiling faces!

All Our Year 2s are Back!

It was so lovely to hear the Year 2s playing and laughing together again in the top playground!

Perseverance Feb 5th

View Better Days - The Piano Guys

Perseverance Assembly

Download Perseverance Assembly

Forest School Leader Training

This week, Miss Atkinson attended her first Forest School Leader training session at Hill End. 

“I've had two action packed days in the cold but wrapped up warm, I learnt many new skills. I was shown how to safely use loppers to cut willow and how to use a knife to whittle. I can successfully make a clove hitch knot and a figure of eight knot and can now identify woodland management methods such as pollarding and coppicing.”

Age UK Oxfordshire Christmas Cards

Our children and families have been very busy, kindly helping to make Christmas cards which will be sent out in goody bags along with other treats, to those people who may be lonely, isolated or vulnerable this Christmas.  Thank you to everyone who has generously given their time and creativity to help brighten someone's Christmas this year.


Our Christmas flourishing tree was switched on this afternoon to the delight of all at St Mary's.  The homemade decorations from the children looked splendid and it's 'beginning to look a lot like Christmas' at school.


Forest School Training

For several years now St Mary’s has been proud to offer Forest School as part of our rich and varied curriculum.  These sessions take place at Cogges Manor Farm and are a wonderful opportunity to motivate and inspire our children in the natural environment.

This year we are delighted to announce that Miss Atkinson is training to become a Forest School Leader through Hill End Outdoor Education Centre.  This rigorous training programme requires her to attend training days and complete several units of study and assignments.  Once qualified, Miss Atkinson will be able to lead our children as they learn, not only about the world around them but how to take natural risks.  We look forward to hearing about Miss Atkinson’s adventures as she embarks on her qualification.


Remembrance Day 11.11.20

On Remembrance Day each of our classes took part in the commemorations by honouring those who have given their lives in service. It was a moment of peacefulness and reflection across our school. Taking their inspiration from the 1915 poem, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae, our Year 2 children wrote poems that reflected the solemnity of the occasion and hope for the future.


Blue Cross Visit

Year 1 have had a wonderful virtual visit from Gemma from the Blue Cross animal charity. The children prepared for the visit by compiling a list of questions for Gemma to answer and sending them to her in advance. As you’d expect from our curious Year 1s the questions were diverse, ranging from ‘When animals are sniffing where does the smell go to in their bodies?’ to ‘Are dogs friends?’  Fortunately, Gemma was able to draw on her expert knowledge to answer them all. 


Year 2 Jamboree

Our Year 2 leavers who moved on to The Batt in September, returned to St Mary’s last Friday for a special leavers’ jamboree held in the playground.  Due to the current pandemic, the children had not been able to come together before the summer holidays to celebrate their special time at St Mary’s.  It was wonderful to welcome the children back, dressed in their party best, for an afternoon full of music, party activities and fun.  A special thank you to Mr Wakefield who captured the celebrations with a series of wonderful photographs that were later shared with parents.

As part of the party, the children took part in a ‘hook the duck’ to win a biscuit and a spin the wheel to win an ice cream or lolly – everybody won!  The children also received their unique St Mary’s autograph book and pen.  Finally, each child decorated their own pebble with their name and, after a final prayer, these were placed under our flourishing tree so that we can remember them in times to come.

We are an ‘Excellent’ Church School!

On 11 March 202, St Mary’s school received a formal inspection under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).  I am delighted to announce that that St Mary’s has been awarded the highest possible grade of ‘Excellent’ with an additional judgement of ‘Excellent’ for Collective Worship.

Mobile Planetarium Visit

Year 1 have been studying space as part of their topic this term, ‘Moon Zoom’. And surely, (except for a St. Mary’s rocket trip!) there could be no better way of experiencing the galaxy than by journeying into the sky and seeing the stars close up which we did with a visit to a mobile planetarium.

Year 1 Dance Festival

Our Year 1 class enjoyed a morning at Henry Box School, joining in a Dance Festival with children from some of the other Primary Schools in the Witney Partnership.

The theme was 'Where the Wild things Are' and they had a wonderful time recreating movements of the sea and building a forest around Max, the boy in the story.  Of course, they also practised their roars!



Australian Wildlife Fundraising Initiative

This week our children enjoyed participating in our Australian Wildlife Fundraising event organised by our School Council. This was an initiative inspired by Jessie in Reception and our correspondence with The Australian Embassy. 

The children had great fun jumping like kangaroos, wiggling like wombats and climbing like koalas. Many thanks to all of our families for supporting the inspiring children of St Mary’s to look beyond themselves, ask ‘big questions’ and think globally about life. You raised a magnificent £154.61 for the WWF's Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund. 



Year 1 Forest School

On Monday, the Year 1 children completed their 8 week course of Forest School with Mr Hazel, our Forest School Leader.  They have had a wonderful time getting out in the fresh air and learning in the outdoors. The weather hasn't always been kind to them but they have made the most of every opportunity.

This week they enjoyed some time on The Leys as the windy weather meant Cogges Farm was closed.  However, they had great fun making their own parachutes and seeing how far they travelled in the wind.  They also wore blindfolds and had to listen to instructions from their friends. Next half term sees the first group of Reception children venturing out as they start Forest School.