Welcome to St Mary's

It’s a vibrant, hands-on, busy and fun place to learn and thrive!

We are a Church of England Infant School set in the centre of Witney. Adjacent to St Mary’s Church and overlooking the green, we are proud of our heritage whilst always building towards the future.

At St Mary’s, the Christian value of love is at the heart of all we do.  We seek to grow our children in a nurturing and secure environment and work closely together with our parents, the Church, governors and the community to achieve our vision. Our specialist and dedicated team of staff are passionate about Early Years Education and our facilities are designed specifically to meet the needs of children aged 4-7 years, including our purpose built Reception suite.

We pride ourselves that the children at St Mary’s are happy, challenged and excited about each day, every day.  Whether it be investigating an alien crash landing, May Day dancing or trying to find the answer to the question ‘why does popping candy go pop?’ Our children are encouraged to achieve their potential, develop their talents and celebrate their uniqueness.

I feel extremely privileged to be the Executive Headteacher of St Mary’s and invite you to come and visit our school to see it in action.  You’ll be sure of a warm welcome.

Ms. Charlie Barwell, Executive Headteacher

st marys home pupil

Reception Visit to The Cotswold Farm Park

The Reception Class had a great time on their trip to the Cotswold Farm Park on Monday 16th May.

First, the children had a little workshop where they were shown eggs of different sizes and they had to work out which birds had laid the eggs. They then met Apricot the rabbit and Nellie the guineapig who were very patient as the children eagerly stroked them. Next the children enjoyed walking around the park, meeting and feeding all the various animals. There were lots of hungry goats, sheep and cows. After lunch, there was the chance to explore the playground where the children pedalled tractors, climbed on various equipment, went on swings and see-saws and played in a sand pit.


Year 1 Visit to The Black Hole Planetarium

The Year 1s had a fascinating experience at the Planetarium on Thursday 12th May.

They learnt so much about the planets in our solar system, the importance of Michael Collins in the first moon landings and the way in which astrology came to life above their heads with incredible tales of Greek mythology.


Year 2 Visit Crocodiles of the World!

Our Year 2s had a wonderful day exploring the Crocodiles of the World on Monday 7th February. 

They had an amazing time learning about habitats and lifestyles of all the different species of reptiles. They then followed up their trip by writing a news report about their experience. 

Apart from the crocodiles they saw Monitor lizards, meerkats and monkeys. Many thanks to Colin for the informative tour.


The deeply embedded Christian vision of the school drives every aspect of school life. The school is exceptional in enabling pupils and adults to flourish so that they are able to 'achieve their potential and develop their talents'.  

SIAMS, March 2020