St Mary’s Infant School abides by a wide range of policies; these policies cover every area of School life from teaching and learning to financial undertakings and the welfare of children and staff.  Please use the links below to find the policy that you are interested in, under each heading the policies are organised alphabetically.




This document sets out how numeracy is approached in the classroom

Collective worship

This policy outlines the approach taken to collective worship within the school.

Early Years Foundation Stage

This policy sets out how the provision for the EYFS children is managed.  The School also adheres to the statutory guidance relating to the EYFS.


The School follows the Nelson handwriting scheme, details of how the scheme is followed can be found in this policy.

Marking and Feedback

This policy sets out how teachers give feedback to children regarding their work and also how work is marked. The two appendices explain the symbols that you will see on your child’s work.



Personal, Social and Health Education.

Sex and Relationships

This policy outlines the approach taken to gradually raising children’s awareness.

Social Media

This policy statement makes clear how adults at St. Mary’s will relate to social media.

Teaching and Learning

This policy outlines the approach taken to the practical teaching work that is done within the School.  There are appendices for each of the individual subject areas.




Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

St. Mary’s is committed to ensuring that wherever possible children are able to attend school and/or access education, whatever their medical needs.



This policy sets out how the School’s commitment to being an accessible site and that learning at St Mary’s is accessible to all.


St. Mary’s supports children with dyslexia in their learning; this policy sets out the practical ways in which this is done.


Special Educational Needs

St. Mary’s is committed to supporting all children in their learning. This policy sets out how children with special educational needs are given the extra support that they require.  The annual report to parents looks specifically at the resources that have been put in place over the past year to support children with special needs.




This policy sets out how parents, staff and children can work together to stop bullying happening and to deal with it whenever it does occur.



St Mary’s has high expectations regarding behaviour, this document clearly sets out our expectations.

Exclusion, whether for a fixed term, or permanent, is only used by the school as a last resort.  In the event of an exclusion being necessary, the headteacher and governors will follow the DfE Exclusions guidance ‘Exclusion from maintained schools, academies or pupil referral units in England’


Disability Non-Discrimination

St. Mary’s is committed to equality for all and abides by this statement issued by the Local Authority.



St. Mary’s are committed to promoting and upholding equality amongst both staff and children.


Physical Intervention

This document sets out clear guidelines for staff with reference to physical intervention.




Administration of Medicines

This document sets out the procedures to be followed if medicine is to be administered during the school day.  There is also a copy of the form that you will be required to fill in, should your child need to be given medicine by the school.


Allegations of Abuse

In the event that there are allegations of abuse within the School community this policy sets out how, with the support of Local Authority representatives, the matter will be dealt with.



St Mary’s school is committed to ensuring that children are kept safe when using IT, this policy sets out the basic principles of e-safety.


First Aid

This document sets out how the School deals with all matters of first aid.


Intimate Care

This policy sets out the procedures which are followed when intimate care is necessary.


Mobile Phone and Camera Use

In order to ensure that St Mary’s school site is safe for everyone, mobile phones must not be used by parents / carers or staff, except in designated areas.  Please read the policy for further details.



St Mary’s takes the safeguarding and protection of pupils very seriously; this policy sets out how this is done. 


Whole School Food

St Mary’s is concerned to promote healthy eating amongst its staff and pupils





This policy sets out the admissions criteria for St Mary’s and the procedure for appeals.



Aggressive, intimidating and abusive behaviour from parents and carers

This policy sets out how the school will manage situations within school where parents, carers or visitors behave in a way that is considered to be threatening, intimidating, aggressive or abusive.



St Mary’s works with the Local Authority to monitor attendance, this policy sets out how the School carries this out.

St Mary’s School believes that the education of children is of paramount importance and so actively discourages parents from taking their children out of school during term time.  If however you do chose to apply for a leave of absence you must complete the request for leave of absence form and return it to the school at least four weeks in advance of the first day of the requested period of leave.



This policy outlines how St Mary’s makes decisions regarding charging for school activities and trips.



St Mary’s is committed to maintaining confidentiality; this policy sets out how this is embedded in every day practice.



St Mary’s recognises that despite all best intentions at times things can go wrong. This guidance will help you understand how to resolve concerns you may have about your child’s education or related School matter.  We also have a communication guide which sets out how to raise concerns or give us positive feedback – you can find the guide under “About our School”.

Data Protection

St Mary’s is committed to complying to all data protection legislation – this policy sets out how Schools are expected to comply.


Freedom of Information

St Mary’s follow the Local Authority guidelines regarding access to information.


Home/School Agreement

This is signed by parents/guardians and a member of staff from the School.  The agreement sets out what behaviours should be expected from the staff, the children and parents.


Hiring and Lettings

Please see the policy below for information regarding the hiring or letting of the school site.


Transfer to The Batt School

The agreement that exists between St. Mary’s and The Batt regarding the transfer of the Year 2 children from St. Mary’s to The Batt School.




The Governors of St. Mary’s abide by a number of policies; these govern the terms under which they operate and how they must behave as Governors.



The Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust and the Local Authority issue a number of model policies which relate to HR matters.  These policies have been approved by the teaching unions.  St. Mary’s has agreed to operate within and abide by these policies.  Such policies include, but are not limited to –



Safer Recruitment


Work Life Balance





The School follows ODST guidance on all health and safety matters.



St. Mary’s Infant School also has a number of policies (listed below) which the staff and Governors use to ensure the smooth running of the School and to cover specific administrative matters.  If you wish to see a copy of any of these policies please email the School Office (office.3207@st-marys-witney.oxon.sch.uk)

Critical Incident Plan

Dignity at Work

Disposal and Write Off Policy

Emergency and Special Leave

Governor committee Terms of Reference

Governor Expenses

Internal Financial Procedures

Lone Worker


Pecuniary Interests Register

Stress at Work

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