Christian Values

As a school staff and governor team we have identified four key Christian values on which we will focus many of our collective worship sessions.



Each of us shows a loving concern for everyone else, in good times and bad.

As a Church school, this reflects our call to love God and other people.



Children can trust adults to care for them without reservation; adults offer trust to children, knowing that at times they will fail.

As a Church school, our trust springs from our experience of God who is trustworthy.



lasting friendships between children, and encourage true partnership between all members of our community: children, staff, parents and governors.

As a Church school, this reflects the friendship that we are offered by and with Jesus.



We support children as they make the best use of all their abilities, knowing that it is by keeping going, even when things are difficult, that we are enabled to achieve the best we can.

As a Church school, we follow the example of Jesus who persevered to the end on the Cross, and whose love for us will never end.



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